Now that I have written about the countries I have visited, unlike in my last blog, in which I hardly commented anything and only put many photographs, I realize that my trips, especially the short ones, were generally very superficial and touristy, always very focused on photographs and less on intercultural experiences. One of the disadvantages of traveling in a group is to close ourselves and follow mostly what we read in tourist guides, without having time to get lost in the city …

In Oslo it was not so, as we were led by Norwegian friends. Although it was a short stay (only three nights), on an extended stop over between Latvia and Portugal, we ended up seeing almost everything, since, despite being the capital of Norway, it is not a very big city.

Oslo has a small, classic, historic center and lots of contemporary architecture. One of the examples, unavoidable in a visit to the Norwegian capital, is the Opera House, designed by the Snøhetta architecture studio. It is a building that can be traversed, being an extension of the city, a hill built by the man that offers us a privileged view to one of the recesses of the fjord. Inside we find a “wave” in wood, that makes the access to the auditoriums, and that symbolizes the contact of the city with the water.

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