My way back from my Erasmus in Italy to Portugal was long! First I took a ferryboat to Split, Croatia,then I went to Sarajevo, Bosnia, where that year’s EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit took place, and then I visited Montenegro before coming back to Sarajevo and entering a plane. But even after that it wasn’t fast because I still spent a day in Vienna.
Viena is an authentic european capital! It breather culture, music, and though you just almost see classic architecture, it is a very young city, full of life! As I just had a day, I didn’t enter any buildings, it was a visit to admire the facades, the neighborhoods, the palaces and markets!
One of the buildings I remembered from my first visit to Vienna, seven years earlier, which I had obviously studied at university was Ver Sacrum, the building that housed the Viennese Secession, the movement of a group of young artists from the end of the 19th century, constituted in the Künstlerhaus – a traditional society of austrain artists. Led by Gustav Klimt, one of the firsts coming out of the Künstlerhaus, the group wished to break what the Austrian Artists Cooperative of the Decorative Arts, founded in 1861, defended andprotested against the traditional, artistic and ethnical norms of the time. They recognized the need of uniting the artistic life of Vienna with the progress of the art in other countries, and clarified the pretension of confering to the group activities, an artistic character and not just a representation of commercial interests. The building stands out for its golden dome, that I had to visit!
Address: Friedrichstraße 12, 1010 Wien, Austria

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