This short visit to London began in a rush! We landed at Heathrow airport at 12:45 p.m. and between the disembarkation of passengers and crew, taking the transport to the hotel, which is not too far, we were checking-in at the Holiday Inn at 1:25 p.m. The hotel has two shuttles a day to London and the second one is at 1:30 p.m. I asked the receptionist to ask the driver to wait for me, that I just needed to rush to my bedroom to take off my uniform and so it was: run to my room, changed clothes, grab the camera bag and everything I needed and get off to the street. I felt like I got on the bus like in a movie, like flying into the bus with it already moving … it was quite like it!

Suddenly I realize that my mobile data was not working, the end of the month … I try to recharge it but it still didn’t work! Next problem, I knew that the bus was going to Kensington, but I had no idea where this was in London, I had no map … I started to hear two other people on the bus speaking Portuguese and I thought, “I’m going to stick to them until I realize where I am!” Can you believe that they were also TAP crew, who had arrived the day before and also wanted to visit Camden Town?

This was a part of the city that had remained unvisited from the several times I came to this city. I had seen some photographs of the main street and thought that was all that existed. Facades with three-dimensional sculptures emerging from the walls, all in a very alternative environment.

But Camden Town is way more than that! When we reached the canal I remembered that I had actually seen a river meandering through the area and it was not difficult to get to the gigantic Camden Market which occupies several buildings from old stables to a cast iron building that mimics the industrial buildings of the 19th century but that was actually designed a few years ago and built where originally the market began, open-air and only on Sundays. Also on the market there are lots of places where you can eat, food from all over the world made by people coming from those worlds, something that we discovered too late, after having lunch immediately after coming out of the subway. Take my tip!