It seems so! Or at least almost!

The day began in Kensington where the hotel shuttle leaves us and the plan was to wander the streets of this neighborhood and Notting Hill in search of blooming magnolias. The day was gray, the number of magnolias was small, and the company, which had never visited London, was beginning to demand for more.

We took then the underground to Oxford Circus, and at the suggestion of a friend of one of the colleagues, I also discovered something new in London, Carnaby Street, a small, colorful street parallel to Regent Street, but without traffic!

From there we went to Piccadilly Circus, where the many screens served as scenery for many street performers, and then a short walk by China Town, too crowded with tourists. Then we entered the M&Ms store, three floors of chocolates, the dream if not the extremely high prices…

After lunch at Pret a Manger we continued to Covent Garden and then to Trafalgar Square, both places also full of musicians and street artists. From there we could glimpse Big Ben, completely covered in scaffolding, under recovery.

One of the colleagues wanted to go to Hyde Park, hoping to see squirrels, so we decided that it would be easier to walk, first through St. James Park to Buckingham Palace and then Green Park to Hyde Park. We did not see any squirrels but could rest our legs a little, after several quilometres walked.

My sister wanted me to bring some donuts from a specific pastry shop near Sloane Square, so we walked a little more… and already being near Chelsea, I wanted to go to a place called the Ivy Chelsea Garden, whose door is decorated all seasons with different elements. Unfortunately I picked it up between seasons and there were no decorations at all… We finally got a bus to Kensington, though there were still two hours left for the shuttle… I still remembered that we were relatively close to the Natural History Museum so we went there quickly. It was already closing soon so it was not possible to enter. We then decided to go to a pub to wait for the shuttle, after all it was the Friday from St Patricks weekend!