For my second time in Accra I did not want to repeat the “mistake” of the first time, when I hardly left the hotel! Obviously in these places I have some reservations to leave the hotel alone and since the last time nobody of the crew wanted to go exploring, I had to stay with them, just going down to the beach to watch the fishermen. This second time a colleague wanted to accompany me, so we called Kwadwo – Ken, the trust contact we have in Ghana, a very nice ghanese old gentleman, to take us to stroll through the markets of Accra. Walking with Ken is great because he tells us where we should buy fruit, gets us the best price, does not let them abuse the prices for being tourists…

We started at Makola Market, the big market in Accra, where you can find everything – food, clothing, jewelry, toiletries and even hairdressers and dressmakers (curiously all men). One of those places that really makes you feel in Africa, especially when we were the only Caucasian people in the whole market! What struck me most were the biggest snails I’ve seen in my life!

After buying, according to Ken, the best mangoes in the world – which were really good, but when you have such high expectations it’s not easy to be pleased (besides Ken never went to Mexico!), we went to the Market of National Culture, a handicraft market, much more organized and much more touristy. Here we also find clothes or capulanas, statues of animals and people, masks, jewelry, magnets, etc. I liked the first market better, so more chaotic and typical!

We had lunch at a restaurant suggested by Ken, Country Kitchen, with typical Ghanaian food. We ordered a Jolof Rice and a Garin Foto, both with chicken. The first is a rice with spices, the second a kind of cous cous of manioc, both too spicy for me! Finally we returned to the hotel for a well-deserved swim in the  pool and a nice nap before flying back to Lisbon that same night!