Between 16 and 22 September the European Mobility Week was celebrated and to remember it Carris Museum did an initiative called “Tram Parade – Ride with History”, where we could go aboard one of the old trams that they keep in the museum like the 444, king D. Carlos’ tram from1902, or the 283, where I seated, with an even older aspect, being different from all others, all open. The tour left the Carris Museum, in Alcântara, to Praça da Figueira, along the river, to return to the same place.
Also within Carris Museum we find the Underground Village, a co-working space with some curious spaces like a restaurant inside a double-decker bus, which in turn is on top of several containers. Definitely an alternative place to visit, right next to Lx Factory, already so visited by tourists from all over the world.