Last year I went to Madeira to visit my friend Soraia and, not knowing that I was going to enter TAP this year, I did almost everything there is to do on the island. Little did I know that this would be the layover that I have the most, regretting to have seen so much at once, because now I do not know what to do whenever I go there. Of the things that I liked the most in Funchal was to visit the Botanical Garden and the Monte Palace Tropical Garden, both unfortunately with paid entrance, so I can not go back there whenever I feel like it.

The first garden has many endemic species of Madeira, which we did not find in the continent, and my favorite part were the succulents. Admission costs € 5.

On another hill we have the Monte Palace Tropical Garden from the art collector Joe Berardo. Here we find art from the four corners of the world, especially Asian, and a garden with several nooks, where it is easy to get lost for several hours. The entrance costs € 10 and to get there we have the Monte cable car, which leaves from the center of Funchal. One way costs € 11 and round trip costs € 16. To get off there are also the Monte Basket Cars, very typical of Madeira, although do not go all the way down to the center of Funchal. Between the two gardens there is also a cable car.