Layover in Munich, an opportunity to take my man, who was off duty and so go visit another museum of one of the German car brands. The first one we visited was the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart in January 2016; and now that of BMW. Not being very knowledgeable about the automotive world, I was quite impressed with both museums, but especially Porsche. The architecture of both museums is interesting, both with several floors that communicate with each other.

In the case of Porsche we find from tractors to race cars and even a replica of Sally Carrera, one of the cars in the Pixar movie “Cars.” Old cars, recent cars, Formula 1 cars and even a Porsche Cayenne where we could get in for a better look. At the roundabout adjacent to the museum we found three poles, each with a full size Porsche at the top! Admission costs € 8. In the city of Stuttgart is also the Mercedes-Benz museum, the only one we have left to visit.

In Munich we find the BMW Museum (Bayerische Motoren Werke). When we get off the subway we get two directions, one for the museum and another for a space called BMW Welt (World). To enter the museum you pay €10, the BMW Welt is free, but unfortunately was closed that week for an event.

The BMW museum was a lot more crowded than Porsche, apart from the fact that it had a huge group of Colombian girls, who took a thousand photos but did not even look at things – it is not always good to speak languages, sometimes we would rather not understand dumb things people say… There are not so many unexpected models (like Porsche’s wagons and tractors), but there are models in clay that I did not know were part of the design process of a car, had lots of motorcycles, part dedicated to brand advertising over time and, my favorite part, a room dedicated to two models, the BMW 2002TI from 1968 and the BMW Isetta from 1955, with photographs of real owners with these cars, with photographs all around Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

So, which one was your favorite?