It took a little over a month to get a flight to Germany! As you may know, it is my second country, my second home, and I was very happy to go to Frankfurt, not only because I did not know the city, but also because one of my best friends is living there! Before arriving in Frankfurt we still went to Ponta Delgada and curiously most of the passengers coming from the Azores were German and accompanied us the rest of the day, so they had a “good relationship” with us all.

The city of Frankfurt is one of the few in Europe with skyscrapers, a strange thing to see here. Crossing the financial zone to get to the old center I didn’t feel in Europe! But then we arrived to the old squares, the unmistakable wooden constructions of various colors.

And then the Main river, which gives part of the name to the city. It was a nice summer day and the locals enjoyed it. At the end of the day I took an Apfelwein, an apple wine, with my friend Margarida, near the Flößerbrücke, the bridge where the most famous photographs of Frankfurt are taken, with the river and the unmistakable Frankfurt skyline in the background!