As I wrote you in the last post we went to Mozambique on holidays for 20 days to know the roots of my mother side of the family. First Pemba, where my grandmother’s family comes from, then the Island of Mozambique, where one of our cousins owns a house and spends half of the year there. The journey between these two cities, about 500km, was by car and it was an expected experience, to see the real Africa, rural Mozambique, to understand how people live.

One of the things that surprised us was the amount of people. I can’t talk about population density but the truth was that there were few times when there were no huts at the roadside. The houses have almost all terracota walls and thatched roofs, almost all without sanitation or electricity. Lots of people on the road, walking and cycling carrying everything on top of their heads. Many markets, public transports and road vendors. And beautiful landscapes!

After three wonderful days on the island the return to Maputo would be through Nampula. That gave us three more hours of real Africa.